Tumbling for Cheerleaders (Ages 7-14)

Learn tumbling cheerleader style! Class will focus on skills for tumbling for school and competitive cheerleading such as rolls, dive rolls, walkovers, cartwheels, round-offs, front and back handsprings, and back tucks.


Tumbling for Cheer
Feb 20th-March 22nd
Tumbling 1 & 2
Feb 20th-March 20thTuesday7:15pm-8:15pmTumbling Times$69Register Here
Tumbling 1Feb 22nd-March 22ndThursday5:30pm-6:30pmTumbling Times$69Register Here
Tumbling For Cheer
Tumbling 1 & 2
May 15th-June 26thTuesday7:15pm-8:15pmTumbling Times$96Register Here
Tumbling for Cheer Cheerleading only Fusion CheerMay 17th-June 28thThursday6:30pm-7:30pmTumbling Times$80Register Here