Ninja Warrior

ninja-clipartChallenge your Inner Ninja with our Ninja Warrior class! Ninjas will gain endurance and strength with our Ninja Warrior obstacle courses! Climb, crawl, jump, flip, hang, and swing your way through a different course each week. Class includes our official Ninja Warrior headband.

4-7 years oldNovember 6th-December 18th

No class November 20th
Monday5:30pm-6:15pmTumbling Times$57Register Here
Winter 1
Winter 14-14
November 8th-December 20th
No classes November 22nd
Wednesday4:30pm-5:15pmTumbling Times$80Register Here
Winter 14-14November 9th-December 21st
No classes November 22nd
Thursday4:15pm-5:00pmTumbling Times$80Register Here
Winter 14-14November 10th-December 21st
No classes November 22nd
Friday4:15pm-5:00pmTumbling Times$80Register Here