Super Times (Ages 5-6)

coach-helpThe gymnastics adventure continues! Swinging, rolling, jumping, and balancing; children will learn skills on the bars, floor, springboard and balance beam. All participants must be potty trained and be able to follow directions without the help of a parent.

Super Times
Feb 19th-March24th
Super TimesFebruary 20th-March 20thTuesday10:00am-10:45amTumbling Times$64Register Here
Super TimesFebruary 20th-march 20thTuesday6:20pm-7:05pmTumbling Times$64Register Here
Super TimesFeb 24th-March 24thSaturday9:00am-9:45amTumbling Times$64Register Here
Super TImesFeb 24th-March 24thSaturday10:00am-10:45amTumbling Times$64Register Here
April 2nd-May 12th
Super Times
April 2nd-May 7thMonday10:45am-11:30amTumbling Times$76Register Here
Super TimesApril 3rd-May 8thTuesday10:00am-10:45amTumbling Times$76Register Here
Super TimesApril 3rd-May 8thTuesday6:20pm-7:05pmTumbling Times$76Register Here
Super TimesApril 4th-May 9thWednesday5:30pm-6:15pmTumbling Times$76Register Here
Super TimesApril 7th-May 12thSaturday9:00am-9:45amTumbling Times$76Register Here
Super TImesApril 7th-May 12thSaturday10:00am-10:45amTumbling Times$76Register Here